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Students’ behavior is color coded and displayed in the Behavior Chart. At the end of the day students record their behavior pay in the Weekly Finances. If a student has behavior issues, parents can request daily updates, and we can discuss it at a parent teacher conferences.

Behavior Chart Codes

  Excellent Behavior! Great Job!
Pay: $5.00 Classroom Dollars
brhaviorYELLOW Warning! A student was late to class in the morning, after recess, or after lunch. He/she forgot homework or demonstrated other minor misbehaviors that occurred only once or twice during the day.
 Pay: $3.00 Classroom Dollars
brhaviorORANGE Very Serious Warning! A student repeatedly misbehaved during the day or was engaged in a serious misdemeanor such as fighting or hurting others.
 Pay: @0.00 :(
brhaviorRED Abysmal and disappointing behavior!A note goes to the parents for signature.A student talked back to the teacher or was involved in a serious misdemeanor that could be bullying, harassment, etc.
Students pay a fine if they receive a red card.

Students can redeem themselves during the day; they can move from yellow to green, and sometimes they can move from orange to yellow. Once they get a red card, they cannot redeem it.


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